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A wide array of jazz performers and educators involved in jazz research who wanted to inform others and wanted to be informed by others. At first, sharing knowledge and experience was not common-practice in jazz. In the last decades the jazz Eco-system has changed. Jazz knowledge has become jazz theory, has become jazz research.

⌊ who were the organizers ⌋

Organizers: the IASJ (International Association of Schools of Jazz), ACPA (Academy of Creative and Performing Arts of the University Leiden). Kurt Ellenberger (USA) and Wouter Turkenburg (NL) developed the program of the conference. Wojtek Justyna (NL) helped producing the conference.


Jazz, with improvisation and swing as the key elements, needs its own research

Applied Jazz Research

Jazz Performance

Researching jazz performance often means reflecting on your own playing. Researcher and performer are the same person.

Jazz Education

Researching jazz education is reflecting on the peer-to-peer relation between the teacher and the student.

Jazz Research

Research in jazz, influenced by performance and education, as well as influencing performance and education: applied jazz research



Jazz research is often following the ridgit rules of 'old school musicology' and assumed 'scholarly standards'. Underlying is a blocking fear not to be legitimate, not to be accepted in the academic world.

in 'applied jazz research' these misunderstandings are avoided. Applied jazz research places research in jazz where it belongs: in direct relation with jazz performance and jazz education.

The 2021 IASJ Jazz Conference has brought together those who have been active in developing new views on jazz research. Knowledge and experience were shared. A a wide variety of topics were discussed. Next steps in de development of jazz performance, education and research will be taken. The IASJ Research Journal is to be published in the near future.


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International Association of Schools of Jazz

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