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Thursday 11 November 2021

Part 1: 3 pm CET Panel Discussion: Research in Jazz: Positions, Theories, Methods

Applied jazz research, artistic jazz research, practice-based research, research-in-the-arts, research-through-the-arts: there is no shortage in names, methods and approached in jazz research nor in visions on how theoretical or practical jazz research should be. This panel gave a helicopter-view on the landscape of jazz research and insights in how the various approaches can reinforce each another.  


Andrew Bain (RBC),

Kurt Ellenberger (GVSU),

Petter Frost Fadnes (UiS),

Michael Kahr (JMLU/KUG),

Wouter Turkenburg (IASJ).


Kurt Ellenberger, Wouter Turkenburg

Part 2: 5 pm CET: Lost Soul: The State of Black Cultural Influence in Collegiate Jazz Pedagogy

There are certain problems that arise when teaching jazz, an ethnically-derived art, in the academies, conservatories and universities that are designed specifically to teach European classical music. What is lost in the transition from jazz teaching-in-the-street to jazz-teaching-in-academia? How can jazz research help to find the answers?


Damani Philips, Associate Professor of Jazz, African American Studies, University of Iowa

Part 3: 7 pm CET: Jazz research in the IASJ: What has been researched, what is researched now, what should be researched next.

'Rhythm Changes' is the name of the journal published by the IASJ in the 1990's. Editor Graham Collier collected articles and conducted interviews on a wide range of topics that  were as 'hot' than as they are today. Many of these topics were and are discussed at the 'Ongoing Dialogues' the jazz forum during IASJ Jazz Meetings. A large number of IASJ member schools have developed jazz research programs, continuing the research that started three decades ago.


Ricardo Pinheiro: Jazz Research at ESML: new ways of approaching and presenting research on musical performance.

Gary Keller, University of Miami;

Arnon Palty, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance: Standards of Ear Training;

Ed Sarath: history of research in the IASJ, ISIM;

Emiliano Sampaio, Doctoral Studies at the KUG, Austria;

Toni Bechtold: Jazz Research at HSLU, Switzerland;


Kurt Ellenberger, GVSU; Wouter Turkenburg, Executive Director IASJ.


Friday 12 November 2021

Part 1: 3 pm CET: Panel Discussion: Jazz Research in Belgium and The Netherlands

Master research at conservatories, doctoral research at universities and Phd research at docArtes (Dutch-Flemish Consortium). Live  and online: graduated master students form conservatories, ACPA representatives, docARTES alumni.


Felix Schlarmann and Susan Williams, Royal Conservatory The Hague: ‘Learning Pods: Harnessing peer-learning and collective processes in Conservatoires’

Casper Schipper: The Research Catalogue;

Marcel Cobussen, ACPA: the Academy for Creative and Performing Arts (Royal Conservatory / Leiden University.


Wouter Turkenburg, Wojtek Justyna

Part 2: 5 pm CET: The New Immigrant Experience

Insight in the creative process of The New Immigrant Experience, a multimedia project in which the speech patterns of the 'Dreamers' are translated into musical themes.


Felipe Salles (UMAS).

Part 3: 7 pm 'The IASJ Research Journal: answers to all questions'

Why another jazz research journal? What will be the content? Who will publish it? Who will read it? Will it be in print or online? Who will be the editors? How to contribute? What is applied jazz research? What are the 'Ongoing Dialogues' at IASJ Jazz Meetings?


Kurt Ellenberger, Wouter Turkenburg.



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